KSA continued…..

We really had a lovely time there. We got involved in Jubail with the American Businessmen’s  association and the BBA-the British Association. They held monthly quiz nights and the prizes were often bottles of real gin or vodka. We won twice!

I remember my very last day in Jubail I had arranged to have tea with a lovely young girl. This other, very odd, very jealous girl, decided to join us. She knew this young teacher and I were going to “walk around the compound” as was our custom. The mean girl arranged for her posse of other very mean folks to join the nice teacher and me around and around the compound walking. It was full on bullying. She was letting me know, in a not so subtle way, that she was in control of this situation and she wouldn’t let me have a quiet time with a friend before we left Jubail.  Really? How ridiculous.How childish.

As we came upon one final lap I dipped out suddenly and went into my flat. Never have I witnessed such  calculating cruelty by another teacher. This girl was a piece of work! I’m ashamed to say she is Canadian! But, in the end, Karma bit her right where it counts. Funny how the universe sorts you out.

Anyway, I survived this petty behaviour and we went on to Khobar, to the ISG flashship school. I laugh because Keith Snider used to called us “the legendary couple of Jubail”.We were the only teachers who were transferred on our merits to the Khobar campus. If ISG managed to trick you into  teaching in Jubail, they were NOT keen to move you. But we lucked out.

So we spent 3 years in Khobar and it was so much easier for us. We had begun playing at JJ’s in Bahrain every month or so and the drive from Jubail was 2 hours at least.God forbid you missed the early jump on the causeway! I’ll stop for now and continue in a bit.

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