St Andrew’s Story, Bahrain-2012

Oh my this was a fun night. Thanks to Marshall and Amy Hughes, we were able to attend several St Andrew’s Balls in Bahrain. The most memorable night went like this:

I sold a lot of tickets! A very good friend,The Camponesci’s,Matt, and us were there. Well that’s all I can remember for now! We were all eating, drinking and dancing and generally having a fabulous time! Now Scottish country dancing requires a lot of jumping around and lets just say ,my very good friend was wearing a black see through dress with a camisole underneath. She wasn’t wearing a bra. From all the dancing, the camisole completely slipped and my friends breasts were in plain sight.

Dave was trying to warn me that something was wrong with my friend’s dress. But I couldn’t really focus on what he was saying.

Finally we got to sleep at 3am.

The next morning I looked at the photos on my phone and lo and behold, there they were: my friend’s beautiful breasts in full view. Matt,Dave and I looked and then decided to delete ALL the photos.

Oh my, it was a riot. I remember guys pointing at her dress and Julie Camponesci trying to formulate words to tell her, but we just couldn’t-too much bubbly I guess!

It was a fantastic night!

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