40th reunion Argyle Secondary School:September 22nd, 2018

It really is hard to believe-40 years ago.Mr Baikey, Mrs Warren and Mrs Rodgers were there. Also Mr Reimer. I didn’t really know them all that well except Janet Warren.

Tom Arntzen,Barbara Black,Allison, Nikki, Carmella, Helen, Margaret, Mark Hopkins, Ken Sadler, a whole host of people. Excellent turnout.

It was a good time but by 1130pm I was super tired and kinda tired talking to people. I think it will be fun to do 60-60- June 2020.That’s when we all turn 60 and we were born in 1960-Lisa Smith’s idea.

Then on Sunday I went to Church with Mom and Auntie Betty, had lunch.

On the Friday when I landed, Niall and I went for breakfast at “Save On Meats”–a diner.

It was good. Then I bought a new coat at The Bay. Sunday night Niall and I went to dinner (Green Jade in Chinatown) and then the movie Fairenheight 11.9-Michael Moore’s latest-fantastic movie.

Then on the Monday I saw Frances’ granddaughter Alexa.Then I went overtown at 9pm to Niall’s show at the Red Gate Community Centre.It was excellent. So much fun.

So I accomplished a lot in 5 days!

Dave is subbing for me today.I land in Korea 3pm Wednesday Sept 26th. I left  Friday Sept 21st at 330pm and got to YVR at 9am on the Friday.It’s fun flying BACK in time. You get more time!

So that’s it. I am not sure what to make of the Brock/baby situation. She’s a lovely little baby and God willing, she will be ok. Who knows what the future will bring? I hope Frances is able to have grandparent’s access via an open adoption.

And that’s it! Except I am really, really tired.Heading back to Seoul. SFS so far, excellent. I am starting to feel a bit more useful.


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