Living in Seoul 2018

So far so good. Seoul is like 10 Vancouvers. It’s huge. I realized that when I went up the Seoul Tower-wow. So far our favourite neighbourhoods are Insadong, Sinchon and Itaewon. The school, Seoul Foreign, is likely the best school we have ever taught in. Ah, and at the end of our career, I guess the best was saved for last!The campus is stunning. Right now, it is Autumn and I keep singing “Autumn leaves” wherever I go.

We are told the cold weather is coming and that our skin will become very dry. We were told not to bother with humidifiers, just hang wet towels in the evening. We will see if this works.

I am reading “Pachinko” right now, all about a Korean family’s life in Busan and in Japan.  Fabulous read. The Koreans put up with a lot during the Japanese occupation.Japan cut down all their trees for years. All the trees here are re-growth. My sister in law Elaine is going to be shocked when she sees Seoul. Her last memories of Seoul  consisted of it being a wasteland. She’s in for a big surprise!!

We don’t have as many holidays as we had in the middle east, but that’s ok. We are saving more money by having less holiday time! Retirement, well semi-retirement will happen for us in 2020. Then we’ll go back to Comox and hopefully sub one day a week or so. Who knows? For now, we are loving Seoul! But to be honest, I am not a fan of Korean BBQ-just too much meat. Having said that, normally I would never eat steak. But here? Wow the beef tastes so good!My favourite restaurant so far is called ZELEN, a Bulgarian restaurant. Delicious! Everything in Seoul is expensive!

Other restaurants we loved in Seoul:

B’mucho Cantina



Bills (ricotta pancakes)

That’s my best ones so far.


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