We were walking down the aisle at the SEARCH Fair in London.We saw our present bosses and I said to Dave:”Oh look, there’s Shen Wai International, Matt’s school.”

Belinda,our Primary Principal, (who I adore!) said “Well we’ve been waiting for you!”. Lo and behold, we had interviews and then jobs. Belinda could tell I was not very impressed and  that I didn’t want to go there. I just knew it was a bad school!

It was great under Belinda’s leadership but the admin pulled a nasty stunt on her. The head Director, Ally, just “decided” to nominate Daniel as the “Deputy head Director”-no consultation, no application. Belinda was so affronted that she quit by the Friday. I don’t blame her one bit.

Another one of Ally’s “nominations” really backfired. A Turkish lady named Lachine was simply “nominated” to Head of PE-again, no consultation, no planning, just boom!

The PE department, in turn, all quit. They resigned. Meanwhile, Lachine, decided to go out to Shekou and have a few drinks with friends. A Chinese policeman asked to see her ID. She did not have any on her. Instead she decided to “punch” the cop. She was hauled off to jail. Now, there are varying reports as to what happened next.I heard she was very badly treated in jail and if that’s true,  that’s awful.

Anyway, news of this went all over social media. Shen Wai had no choice but to fire Lachine. She was a very angry person. She used to scream at the little ones. Strange stuff indeed.

Overall, we enjoyed our time in Shenzhen. We had some crazy nights. One of my favourite moments, I’ll explain momentarily!

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