I wanna retire!And I will in 2020.

I am so excited about retiring. Here’s what I have planned:

1.playing flute in the concert band:I’m taking lessons weekly in Seoul

2.acting: maybe with Courtenay Little Theatre although I worry about how “hot” I

get on stage under the lights.

3.fitness: well I’ve got to lose weight. But how to do it?

4.Sleep: Oh Lord I need sleep.I’ve determined that I don’t sleep well enough to merit full time work.There.I’ve just justified retirement. Ha ha.

5. It’s true though.I don’t sleep well at all.Neither does Dave. So we both really need to retire. Case closed.


I’ve been working more or less, full time since 1984. I interned in 1984 but began full time work in 1985.I switched to part-time from 1994-2001.

Then in 2001 I started teaching full time and have not stopped since.So its been 17 years full time. It will be 19 years full time in 2020. Then 10 years prior full time: 1984-1994.

I had to quit full time when Niall was 3. I just could not continue to work full time with three little kids. But it was worth it.

Now I just want to stop it all and sleep and walk and act and play and sing. And I will do it!!



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