We are sort of retiring in 2019

Well we received very happy news that I can write about in a few weeks. Because of this, Dave and I have decided to come home for good. Right now its Sunday January 20th. I had an uneventful birthday: a long 4 hour rehearsal. I came home exhausted.Next day also an 8 hour rehearsal. But we managed to go out to a fabulous French restaurant called L’empriente. Oh the food is excellent!

Anyway, we are coming home. It could be a risky future. We don’t have a lot of money saved and I will still have to work:subbing I hope.  But I think it is time.We are both so tired of planning lessons and just exhausted having to get up every day to face kids.Needy kids. The kids here at SFS are fantastic and I have appreciated the opportunity to be here one year. Dave and I just don’t sleep well enough to work full time. I honestly don’t know how people can keep working after 60.I’m 59 and I’ve had it!

I am looking forward to a bit of subbing and just resting, taking it easy, doing things I want to do, traveling a bit more if we can afford it. But mainly, I just want to go home to good ole Canada. It’s the best country in the world and I just cannot understand when I see/hear people complaining about their life in Canada. Don’t you know how lucky you are? You really have no idea until you travel the world. Then , you get it. I remember Dave’s Dad saying exactly that:that Vancouver Island was heaven. And he had seen so much of the world, traveling literally for years. He had the authority, and the authentic experience to say that.

So that is that! Yipee! Can’t wait!

Our detour is this: work, go to Thailand in March, go to Japan in April. And both were magnificent. Japan: being at Hiroshima. Wow. I will never forget it.

Kirsten helped us discover the island of Koh Phayam in Thailand.Now that was laid back!

Leave SFS June 5th: fly to Amsterdam to see Elton John, fly to Stratford upon Avon to see Will Shakespeare, fly to YVR for Mum’s 80th birthday and then…..Monday 17th June, that’s it. I am home.

Update: we are now SUBS in SD 71. We are buying an XSE Rav 4 Hybrid, in blueprint with black trim. Yes! Home at last.

Bring on baby Zelda!!


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