Well here’s a weird story. I haven’t thought of David Orenchuk for years, like 35-40 years.David Orenchuk went to Upper Lynn with us back in the day (elementary school).

Anyway on January 2nd I “flopped” down on my purple couch.Dave said “don’t jump on the sofa!”.When I did, I “bumped” my head on Dave’s (my husband’s) black and white electric guitar:it’s an Ibanez. It’s a copy of a Gibson. David Orenchuk played the same guitar in high school. He also played trumpet. I looked on facebook the next morning and sure enough,David Orenchuk was playing the same guitar.

Anyway……so I had a dream that David Orenchuk came to SFS. I was in the High school.He said “I teach Math and Science here”.  I thought that was really odd but we sat down and had french fries! Then I said “well I have to go to a quick meeting  but I’ll be right back.” I came back almost immediately but he was gone.

So… I wrote to Nikki Kerr on Jan 3rd asking her “What was the name of that ginger haired boy at Upper Lynn?” Nikki herself is a ginger so I thought she would remember.

The only “ginger” she could remember was Curtis Lillycrop! So then I called Pete my brother who instantly remember the guy’s name was David Orenchuk. I said “Pete, how on earth do you remember all this?” Pete said “because Roy McBride beat him up!”. Oh dear.

Well anyway, Nikki just messaged me to say David Orenchuk had died of blood poisoning. So utterly strange. I have dreams of people and then soon after they die. but David was dead in November.There was no possible way of me knowing this.I figured the only reason I had the dream was because I bumped my head on Dave;s overhanging guitars! Very, very strange.

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