LUSH Spa in Seoul

This was a funny massage! It cost 200,000 won, which at the time in Canadian, as $233.00

Ok so here’s how it went:


You go upstairs, drink hot lemon water and read a fairy-tale. Then you are led into a room where you get into a robe.They do a quick shoulder/head massage. The massage girl choreographed the massage to fit the beat-box, slam-poetry Essex poem guy reader-he sounded a bit like Russell Brand.Then they give you hot apricot tea in a golden goblet with candleabras around you. You are sitting on a throne.

“Oh, you know Bath?” It is in Enga-wand”

“Yes, I said it is in Eng-ga-wand!” It is just so funny trying to speak English to people who think they are speaking English, but their pronunciation is  all over the shop!

Then you get into a hot bath and put a huge bath bomb in-full of epsum salts.It glowed a million colours. Quite cool. Then you listen to another longer fairytale.

Finally the fairytale tells you “Hello!” It’s time to get up now!”.So you exit the bath, dry off, get on a massage table and ring a bell.

Then the girl came in and forced me to lie on my side “more slanty please!”- Any more “slanty” and I would have fallen off the table!

I had to lie on my bad shoulder. So painful. But then it was ok on the otherside.As the girl started to massage my shoulders she said (in very broken hilarious English)-“oooh your show-dah so har!!”And then she thought, I am sure, “tsk tsk, too much work for me!”

Yeah, you might say that. My shoulders, back is like dry kindling-snap! I am the most inflexible person on the planet! It was more gimmick than massage but it was still fun!

Some of the music sounded like Baby Spice,Amy Macdonald, and then Ian Anderson. She choreographed the massage to the music.So for example, if the music said “fly away!”, then she’d fly my arms around. Hilarious!!





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