“You are going to the fire Miss Charlotte”

Kindergarten music in Saudi Arabia at ISG.We had just finished the DEMS walk around the school marathon. We returned to music class and a cute little girl named Noor, from Sudan, said to me “Miss Charlotte, when I lived in Calgary we did something called a Terry Fox run.”

I said:”Wow” Terry Fox run! I had forgotten all about the legacy of Terry Fox.

So, teachable moment. I said “Kids, come to the carpet,  and let’s watch a very quick you tube on Terry Fox so Miss Charlotte can explain to you what a brave boy he was.”

I showed them a very short video and spoke about the Terry Fox run.

One little boy named Fais, from Egypt,  thought this through and said, very slowly, very carefully….

“Miss Charlotte, is Terry Fox a Muslim”?

“Well, no, I think he might be a Christian”.

Little Grayson from Houston Texas, piped up : ” I’m a Christian too, Miss Charlotte.”

I said “Oh that’s very nice Grayson, Miss Charlotte goes to Church too.Miss Charlotte is a Christian too!”

Little Zainab, piped up:”Miss Charlotte, do you know what will happen to you when you die? You will go up to heaven and  Allah will throw you down into the fire where you will burn!”

Grayson yells “What? I’m going to the fire?”

Oh no….I’ve opened up a huge can of worms just for teaching about Terry Fox.

“No, no Grayson, we are not going to the fire.” Don’t worry”

Zainub said :”oh yeah you are Miss Charlotte, my Mom says so.

Great job Zainub.Thanks for that!! And imagine, she was only 5! She’s probably an ISIS bride by now.



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