JL the test stealer

This kid: what a con artist.  It was Ramadan and very close to the end of the year. The year was 2014 and we were leaving Saudi.

My grade 12 Theatre students were just finishing up their theatre exam. Four girls approached me, all hijabbed up. Very nice girls.

Miss Charlotte, we want to confess something.

Ok I said: What?

Well it’s Ramadan and we want to tell you something about JL.

Now the last time I taught this kid was in Jubail. In fact, I don’t actually remember teaching him but I heard from many many sources that he was as crooked as crooked could be.

The girls continued:

“JL stole all the tests from ISG and was selling hard copy of them to seniors.

I had heard the rumour that JL stole the Math test and it had been dealt with. The admin at ISG, the WORST admin ever, decided, for this particular situation, to call the Maths teachers in.They had to “re-create” the test.All students had to rewrite the NEW test.

Imagine, if I had told admin that JL stole ALL the tests. Then all those teachers would be forced to cancel their summer flights home, or at least re-schedule them.They would have had to re-create new tests, then administer them: total nightmare.So I just kept the information to myself.Why should we be punished for the behaviour of one badly behaved teenage boy?

I imagine JL will be taken care of by universal karma.You can’t do stuff like that and expect the universe to reward you.


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