The Bahraini Nights!

Well, thank goodness for Bahrain. How would we have survived Saudi without Bahrain?

We played music in a bar called JJ’s, a lovely Irish bar in Adilya.

JJ's Irish Restaurant

We had music session there once a month. It was a hectic drive from Jubail, but once we were in Khobar it was awesome. Our routine was, leave KSA at 7am. Get through the causeway and into Upstairs, Downstairs for breakfast and a little Buck’s Fizz. Once the full English was devoured, off we’d go to a massage, or nails, or hair. Something anyway.

Then I’d wash my hair because it was so full of oil. Often I’d get them to blow dry it after the massage. We’d go to the big mall City Centre and watch a movie in the VIP seats. I remember watching “Zero Dark Thirty” in a movie theatre with Dave,me, and 200 Saudis, men in thobes, women in abayas. Yeah, that was a bit awkward watching the killing of Osama bin Laden with 200 Saudis, and us. Nobody said a word.

We attended a few Robert Burns nights and St Andrews balls. I remember this comedian did “The Rumour” by Andy Stewart perfectly.

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