Getting stroppy with kids and parents

Today in parent teacher interviews at   I was ready to go to combat with a kid named K.

I handed his drama journal over to his parents:he made some excuse about not doing his Greek scene analysis. He said he put it on my desk. No, he didn’t.

Then he lied about “apologizing to me”.He was sent by the VP to apologize for his behaviour in drama class. He lied right in front of his parents. I said”Well either you are lying or I’ve got Alzheimer’s so which is it? Cuz I don’t remember an apology!

This kid was giving me the evils the whole time. Then I handed his parents his cheat sheet that he had stored during an exam. Then I handed him his plagarized essay with the internet fact checkings. He didn’t flinch.He might actually admire my heavy handed tactics.

Then his Mom started making all sorts of excuses for him and I cut her off saying right to the kid, staring him down:

“So, is this how it’s gonna be for the rest of your life?Mommy making excuses for you?When are you gonna stand up, shoulders back and be the man you are meant to be?

There’s a little bit of Jordan Peterson for you!

That kid hates me no doubt. But if my little intervention put him on a better path, then he is the lucky one. I guess I’ll never know!


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