EGYPT 2009

Dave and I had arrived first, December 2009.Previously that week our Christmas concert at Jubail was cancelled by the Vice Principal. He was afraid the Muslims would flip out. It was all Frosty and Rudolph, not a lick of Baby Jesus in the house. Our last song was ‘Feliz Navidad” but what Arab would know what that meant? All the Filipina assistants had many beautiful Christmas banners and I guess that’s what spooked the VP They looked “too Christmassy. But can you blame them?These poor Filapina ladies were hungry to Christmas too and we were all terrified of expressing our Christian faith in Saudi. I get so angry when I hear SJW spouting off on how we should be honouring others’ faiths. Yeah, go to Saudi and see how long you can sing “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” before you get thrown in jail!

I remember Mary Pettet  crying about it, her Childrens’ Christmas concert cancelled.  I was heart broken too.

The next day Mark . Wotton let us do the concert but no parents were invited.Sigh…

Anyway we flew to Cairo and met with Mary Jean and Neal.Mary Jean walked us around the town, where she was known as the Mother Theresa of Cairo! We ended up performing the Christmas concert at the “Found Orphanage” of Cairo. My God, this was bizarre at the time, but when I think of it now, it was not that crazy.The children loved the music and asked if they could have my copies.Sure I said, let’s go photocopy the music for you.

Oh sorry Madam, we don’t have a photocopier”.

Most of the kids were Somali or Sudanese orphans. I walked in and said  “As-Salaam-Alaikum: and they immediately answered : “Wa-Salaam-Alaikum! Wow. This was really happening!

Soon our own kids arrived. Kirsten and Livi arrived first.I think they had a big fight on the airport about her ne’er do well boyfriend at the time, Shawn.

Then Suzanne and Niall’s flight was delayed on the tarmac at Heathrow.According to   Niall BA gave them free booze. According to Suzanne, Niall was pulling minis out of his backpack! She thinks he was swiping them off the cart! Who knows, but it makes a good story


Suzanne on the camel!

We all arrived at GIZA.The scammers grabbed Suzanne and hoisted her up on the camel.

“Baksheesh” they demanded!

Dave swore at them, I yelled “Yalla, Imchee!” We tried everything. Finally they let Suzanne down. Bloody bastards! But it was funny.

The Dancing baby: at New Years all these ARAB men were up high on a balcony staring down at “something”-we figured it must be a sexy dancer. Nope.It was a dancing baby!

Up Mt Sinai: up I went, with goats and bastards following me. They could see I was the weakest of the bunch. Little did I now but my red blood count was low:basically I had enemia from pre-menopause. The Doctor wondered how I was able to breathe!

Anyway, Livi was my little goat.She waited for me and I went up the 776 steps of repentance. When I got up there Kirsten was hula hooping for about 100 Indian men.


The Steps of Repentance

We also went to Abu Simbel. There was a free tour to go on and I think it was the most gorgeous temple.But the others were so jet lagged that Dave and I went on our own. I think that happened when we were on the mini cruise.

Egypt was a lot of work. But it made it all great when Suzanne came along with us.

I remember in Luxor Suzanne got another marriage proposal. The guy was touring us around on a felucca. He was proposing that Suzanne buy a house and he could visit her every couple of months.

It was really kind of  MJ Crouch and Mr Crouch to let us stay in their apartment.

There was one screw up though. Another Christian group tried to go through the GAZA tunnels to deliver supplies.They were turned away and had to stay in the apartment with us.So when we returned there were 5-6 “more” people staying in the apartment. It was a bit overwhelming. At the time I didn’t realize one of the guys was HOBO- Kevin’s priest friend.I was too busy being angry that these people were there. Yup, I’m pretty selfish about space, always have been. It was just a bit upsetting because my whole family was leaving me the next day and we wanted to have a nice family time that night.

If I had been kinder, I would have realized it was Hobo and I could have had a nice chat with him. So I learned a lesson, not to be so selfish!

Mary-Jean was so generous to give us the apartment for three weeks!

Still it was a great trip.She also set up huge travel plans for us, flying us everywhere.It was quite incredible. I just sent her the money and that was that!

I hope I paid her enough.

Then in 2011, Egypt went ballistic. It was great that we saw it in time.

I don’t think I’d want to go back,

I remember being in the PINK Museum and Kirsten saying “Gee I came all the way to Egypt and I never saw a single sarcohagous”. I said “Turn around Kirsten” and lo and behold she was standing in a room FULL of Mummies! “Ahhh!”, she screamed!

In Garbage City

I said “Niall, take a picture of that lady!” He took it and she threw a purse at him and an orange! Niall caught the moment on film! Oh my that was funny!



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