ONCE IN A WHILE….you experience something, then read about later on the internet.This happened to us in Siem Reap the first time.

We were hanging out on Pub street, not really knowing what we were doing. Our hotel was a lot farther out so we didn’t really connect with Pub Street. We had food on the street and it was then this little girl came up to Dave and I saying, in a very harsh sounding voice:

“I don’t want money!”  want milk for baby! This little gal was about 8 and on her hip was a 2 year old baby with a blue topped baby bottle that had a tiny bit of milk in it.


Naturally I told her to get lost. Then I saw a lady walk into a corner store, with the same blonde hair as me. It was like watching myself get scammed.The tourist followed the little girl into the Mini-mart and paid $25 US for the “one” can of powdered baby formula. The tourist walked away, feeling great.

The little Cambodian girl then returned the can of milk to the shelf and handed over some of the $25.00. The rest she gave to “Fagan” on the corner with his little band of thieves.

The next night we were sitting at Molly Malones with Bob Andre. Some young Brits walked in, but before they got to the entrance, the milk scam started with “I don’t want money! I just want milk!”

I yelled to the young guys :”Watch out fellas it is a total scam!”

The guys thanked me and offered to buy us drinks. Well first the young Cambodian girl gave me the finger but then….the 2 year old toddler gave me the finger too!

“Oh yeah, I says, that’s it! Now the baby is giving me the finger. You guys suck, I yelled!”

The kids just laughed at me, gave me the finger again and then ran off to scam somebody else. It really was hilarious but sad that these youngsters are being used to fund unscrupulous people. Who knows how much those kids are abused?It’s terrible actually, but, at the time, freaking funny to get the “finger” from a toddler.

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