Zero Dark Thirty in a room full of Saudis

Not sure if I can ever top this one:Dave and I went to Bahrain for our usual Friday: breakfast, massages, shopping and a movie before the session at JJ’s.

We saw “Zero Dark Thirty” and, no kidding, it was me, Dave and an entire theatre of Saudis and Bahrainis. In fact, I think, by the gutras, it was  mainly Saudis and their wives.Just to back up, when we first arrived in Jubail, the signs were everywhere that said “Bin Laden Construction”.The Bin Ladens are a massive family with a huge construction business. If I am not mistaken, the Bin Laden family had the contract to entirely re-build Mecca after some crazy sabotaged it:I think the guy’s name was Angry Face or something like that. Mentalism as per usual.

To the Bahrainis’ chagrin, Friday (formerly Thursday) was the day Saudi “invaded ” Bahrain. It was Saudi Disneyland coming to Bahrain. Coming to a country where normal was, well, normal! You could drive a car, see a film, drink a drink, eat bacon, in essence, normal.And Saudis came by the car-full. That’s where I picked up my “niqaab”-at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bahrain. Some Saudi woman chucked it on the ground as if to say “I don’t need this sh**” in Bahrain! Quite right! I grabbed it as a souvenir. Of course I did.

So as we are watching this whole thing I’m thinking…..

“Any minute now, one of these bas**rds  will rise out of their seat and shoot us!”.

But they didn’t. Like us, they sat in total silence. They were ashamed of Bin Laden, and so they should be.

He never represented Islam: he was just a thug as were all of his deluded followers. And I am saying this: EVERY Saudi I ever met was kind and wonderful to me. They were polite and gracious. I never, ever, in five years, had a Saudi be rude to me. I know, I know, they were were awe of my blonde hair, my western ways.But I loved them and I miss them.Once I was at Heathrow airport and some British kids were being very, very rude to an old Saudi man, and I immediately went into protection mode, thinking “Hey back off you little punks, these people are my people!” Imagine that eh?

I remember being in Medina, at the airport. Of course I was the only white woman. Naturally I wore hijab to respect Islam. We had a magnificent time at Madain Salah. The desert was in bloom, we met our cousin Ben there. It was magic. The only thing that put me off was the big frickin’ “haram” sign that said we, as Christians could not go into the REAL Medina. I call BS. Seriously, Islam needs to move past that. You can come into the Vatican any time you want, so get over it!

Returning to Medina airport, we met with a beautiful Saudi family. One nephew, age 21 was the chaperone for about 9 women ranging from ages 7-70. The little girl , age 7, said to me “Please, please, take me with you!”

I said :”All of you, your English is wonderful. How did you learn English?

“Madam, we listen to Eminem! Ok, I was not expecting that!”

They were a very polite family. They lived 200km outside of Riyadh. You cannot hate people, when you know their story. I will always remember them.

And I also remember seeing a little boy, age 10, in Jubail, driving the car with his Aunties in the back. Dave wagged his finger at him, telling him to put on his seatbelt. That poor little kid drove on the Jubail highway, which was essentially the “highway to hell”. I still remember seeing that car moving, with no apparent driver-he was too short to see! Insane, totally insane. And the covered up Aunties were letting it happen.That’s what desperation does to you. Now they can drive.

Trump recently called for the “death penalty” to all suicide bombers: yeah, I think they beat you to it Donald!

Back to the film………..

And so that was that. We all filed out silently, knowing that the Yanks did what had to be done. They had to kill that man. Mission accomplished.

Trump recently called for the “death penalty” to all suicide bombers: yeah, I think they beat you to it Donald!

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