Summer of 2019

We left Korea 5th June 2019.We flew out on KLM and landed in Amsterdam. I didn’t quite have the address of the hotel “EDEN” so some bus that we took did not drop us at the correct spot.Luckily, we found a young Muslim taxi lad who took us right there.He was really kind. We went to Elton John 8th June at the Ziggo Dome. I loved that Elton John stopped playing and just spoke kindly to the audience for 10 minutes, talking about his life and thanking all the fans for staying with him all these years. He was a true gentleman! The film Rocket Man had just come out but he didn’t really mention it. He spoke more about his children, his husband David,etc. And he talked about his AIDS foundation and how it helps a lot of people. Very wonderful show but fancy people just sitting there, drinking prosecco. All very civilized! Not like 1973! I loved that Ray Cooper came out in 1974 and there he was again 2019-and so was I.I remember being quite incensed that this “Ray Cooper” had joined the band. My 14 year old self couldn’t get past the notion that this Ray Cooper was not on the album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. I was so into being black and white. Now in 2019, he was back again, not really looking much different!

We found a superb jazz club called Cafe Jazz Alto.I think we went there four times.Amsterdam is great but it is super super expensive.We also went out to the countryside and went inside a windmill.That was very fun.Major tourist attraction!

Then we flew KLM to Birmingham. We then took a train to Stratford upon Avon and got a taxi to the B and B called The White Sails. It was lovely! Quite amazing how we are able to figure all this out. And it was so nice taking the train, seeing the countryside as you drive towards Stratford upon Avon. The Shakespeare site were great there.

The acting at the RSC was just “ok”.In fact, I’d say it is much better at Bard on the Beach,Vancouver.

One girl though was incredible.She was in a wheelchair and she bombed around that set like it was no one’s business. And she was a superb actress.She just flew in that wheelchair.I’d say she was just as much of an athlete as an actress.

Then on June 12th or so we received a facebook messenger from Morven saying Granny M was failing.We flew home as planned Friday June 17th.Dave got over to Granny Saturday June 18th.We had a little birthday “highland fling” piper come for my Mum’s 80th.That was funny. So off Dave went and then he took the Island express up Monday morning 17th June. I had just gotten a rental car from Toyota.Granny died around 1030am that morning. So that was very sad and unexpected.

Then Olivia began developing high blood pressure so they took the baby three weeks early.Thank goodness everyone was ok. Little Zelda is now 4 weeks old and as cute as ever.

Frances got married August 24th on my Dad’s birthday.Her new husband is Peter so she is Frances Topliss. I was very worried watching her at the aisle because she was weaving back and forth.I thought she was going to faint. She was very nervous and giggly.But she got through it. the party after was great at her house.

We had previously been to Toronto to see Kirsten in a circus show and then we saw “Dear Evan Hanson”plus “Come from Away” both exceptional productions.

I’m quite happy to have left SFS. It was just too much for me. I was bored teaching middle school drama. It was mandatory drama and that was just weird.

I prefer more process theatre and it is just too much rah-rah for me. Great staff, amazing shows, but the tech actually upstages the actors.They are just kids, very talented ,but too much high tech stuff: the makeup,costumes,lights,sets, sound, all way over the top.If it were just one/two shows a year, yes that would be fine.But there were 7 productions and I think that is excessive. I loved working with Edie Moon though.She is a very special person on this earth and I will always remember her kindness and her great talent. It was just too American for me.

Now that we are home: well we bought our new car today, a RAV 4 XLE.Fancy, fancy.

And today is our 41st wedding anniversary. I guess that’s quite a few years!

I will be flying to Calgary with my Mum on Friday to see wee Zelda again. I miss her so much!

Dave is painting our house a beautiful colour! Well that’s the summer of 2019.




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