The Saudi Air force has a heart!

This brings back memories of Saudi 2014 when the Saudi government “banned” Cheerios because there was a “heart” on the front of its boxes, which to them was a Christian holiday called St Valentines Day.  They thought the Cheerio boxes were celebrating Valentines Day so it had to be banned!

In response, the very next day, the Saudi air force, with British trained pilots as their teachers, flew across the skies of Khobar, making red “hearts” in the air with red smoke coming out of their engines. I watched all of this from our pool on An Nassim, our  compound, just marveling at the pilots’  amazing ability and the amazing stupidity of the Saudi religious police/government. What a moment!

I just lay there in the pool thinking “this is so beautiful and you Mutawa, well you are just so dumb!” How could you get it so wrong?!

The Mutawa did some funny things. The Dammam school of ISG held a “prom” night at the Holiday Inn in Damman. Ironically and coincidentally, the Mutawa had a “get together” night of their own in the same hotel. When the Mutawa saw grade 12 boys and girls mixing freely, with the girls wearing sexy dresses, well they just went nuts!

The Principal nearly was jailed, the girls were rounded up, it was total utter chaos.

The Principal shoulda (coulda shoulda woulda) known better with a gang like them!

Honestly the Mutawa were so hilarious. They would walk around the Malls with wooden “switches” ready to hit the Arab girls for walking with too much confidence, for wearing nail polish, etc. She says “You are not the boss of me!” I love this girl!

I heard of a Saudi-American girl who was stopped by the Mutawa because she “walked like a man.” in the Dhahran Mall which I visited a lot.

“What do you mean?, said the girl?

The Mutawa said “You walk with too much confidence.You must stop this.” What a bunch of clowns!!


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