Coming back home after 10 years

It has been a big learning curve. Here are my observations since June 2019 when we came home for good, apparently!

The Feminization of Boys

I was in the nail salon. A large man and woman came in with their 9-10 year old son.The boy should have been in school. Instead the parents brought him to the nail salon for a pedicure.The Mom asked him if he wanted polish.The boy hesitated and , I think, because his Father said “no” for him, the boy said no. But if the Dad wasn’t there, I think he would have taken polish, as his Mother wanted him to. What in God’s name is going on? Why are  women today (this gal looked about 40) deliberately feminizing their sons? I just don’t get it. If you’re gay, ok, good for you, be gay. I’m fine with that. But why is there a trend amongst parents today to overtly feminize their boys?

Last evening I was at a musical. Some of the choices struck me as very , very odd.

It has a Greek theme whereby there were “sisters”: the lead actress would say “Sisters of Greece”.Two of the “sisters” were boys wearing dresses. Why? Why not say “brothers and sisters of Greece” and have the two boys, both excellent dancers, dressed according to their biological gender? I just don’t get it. Here were these two boys happily dancing around in gowns. 10 years ago? Would have never happened. Forget the genderization, it was just such an odd directorial choice. I absolutely just don’t understand this!

A lot of people here “make up” problems. BC is paradise:beautiful air, clean streets, free medical, most people can afford dental, most people can afford good food and housing.

So because there are no real problems, people make sh** up. Honestly, this whole allergy to my perfume  business is ridiculous.There is no problem with my perfume or anyones’ perfume overseas. Overseas, everything smells, sometimes good, sometimes bad but no one, NO ONE ever complained about my very expensive beautiful perfume.Well the only person to really complain is my husband and I have limited the amount  I use but come on people! When I wear perfume into the schools, all the kids walk in the room and say “Oh wow it smells so great in here!

Sigh….I don’t know what to do with my own culture any more. It is so messed up here.

10 years later I see a very liberal Social Justice warrior attitude has taken hold.Everyone is  afraid to have an opinion. If you disagree with a SJW, you are called out and demonized, for daring to disagree with him/her.That’s not democracy, that’s fascism, a one way conversation. What a world, what a world.


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