I thought I lost my site but it is back.

Covid-19. What a disaster. I just don’t know what to think of it all.

Going back to March 2020, here is what happened:On March 6th we did a pretty good concert at Roy’s Towne Pub.Prior to that on Feb 13th Dave completely lost his voice and two months later, it is still not back.I think he damaged his vocal cords.

Anyway,March 9th, Mom and I left for Scotland. We were on business class and it was awesome. We got to Edinburgh, had a few excellent day visits with Suzanne, Len, Carole, Nicola, Kevin and Gabe. Kevin was super helpful, taking us around everywhere.

Round about the Friday 13 March, people were starting to talk about Covid 19 in Edinburgh.There were 6 cases. I knew I had to get down to Manchester so the next day we got on the train. My Mom was pretty good, even though she had had a stroke, like a mini stroke two weeks before.Her only problem was her too heavy suitcase.If I can convince her to go again, we can easily get her a trim line suitcase.

So we got to Manchester and lo and behold, our Corrie tour was cancelled.I was devastated. We had come all that way and to have the tour cancelled was just awful. Oh well.We went down to Media City and I could just see the viaduct part of the set through the locked gates. Never mind. Mom and I went to the Imperial War Museum instead.

When we got back to the hotel, we were getting prepared to go to Liverpool. The next morning, our bags all packed, I said “Mom do you want me to just get us tickets back?’

I had been getting tons of facebook messages from Livi and Dave telling me to turn back.

But in the UK it was business as usual. Oh dear. What to do?I tried for hours to get through to Aeroplan:no chance. So then this idea popped into my head:why don’t I just use Mom’s remaining points to get two brand new one way tickets.

Sure enough there were two one way tickets for us: Manchester/Frankfurt/Vancouver and we got them! Now they were economy but the airline managed to give us four seats instead of the two. It was a Lufthansa flight and it was ok.

I just knew I had to get my Mom home and she was relieved. We missed so much of the tour but as it happened, everything shut down like Stonehenge, all the London shows, etc. We did manage to get to Church on the Sunday and that was a real laugh.this handsome young man walks up to us as we were walking near the Church and, upon looking at Mom’s Irish scarf says “Ey up! Up the Irish!” Then he told us there was a St Pat’s parade that day! So off we go into the Church and who should walk up the aisle but the same young man-he was the Priest! Oh my that was funny!!

So that was that. I missed Liverpool AGAIN!! Someday I will get there and see all the Beatle sites.

But the best part was the Audrey Roberts moment. I had been daydreaming in my mind that Audrey Roberts came out of the gate at Corrie and said “Oh I am so sorry you missed the tour.”

Then Mom asked me, when we were walking about Media City “who is your favourite character?” I said, “Oh I love Audrey Roberts because she went from being a tarty woman to being the Mayor’s wife!”

Mom said “well I liked Hilda Ogden the most!”.So we were having a laugh thinking about our favourite characters.

Once I had booked the Manchester/Frankfurt.YVR flights, I thought, well what should we do for the rest of the day?

We agreed to go down to the Manchester Art Gallery and it was lovely!We went again to Pizza Express and there was hardly anyone in the restaurant.Things were looking a bit Covid-y. Then Kirsten called me crying, telling me she was stuck on an island in Thailand.

I convinced her to get to Bangkok, get a flight and get back to Toronto. Matt was telling her “get home”. She was very upset.So here I am , getting more upset, listening to Kirsten wailing, and I’m thinking about my Mom and hoping she doesn’t get sick and well, anyway, we continue to walk. We walk toward the Manchester Anglican Cathedral. I bent down to tie my bootlace, because it kept coming undone and when I stood up, who was right in front of me bu Sue Nichols (Audrey Roberts) herself in the flesh.

“Oh!”, I said, oh my its you Sue Nichols.Oh my! And then I just burst into tears.

I just could not possibly believe this was happening.There she was, just as I had predicted. Well, that was fantastic. My Mom loved talking to her and I managed to get two photos. So that was a sign that I had done the right thing. Sigh…..

Now I’ve been stuck at home.I had to do a 14 day isolation.When I got out Maureen and I got two coffees and went to 5th street:what a ghost town. It was awful, truly awful.

Now my days go like this:get up: coffee, shower, walk with Mo. Come home, laundry, dishes, practice flute, piano. Stretch. Write in journals. Talk to baby Zelda on Facetime.

Clean some more, plan dinner, maybe bake some. Maybe drive to some store.

But hardly anything is open. CERB:this is the Canadian Emergency fund:so far Dave and I have received $8000 between us, $2000 pp x 2. Apparently we get two more shots of it and then that is it. I just noticed TROLLS restaurant in Horseshoe Bay has opened up for take out so that is something.Things will slowly open up.

It’s pretty damn boring though. Mind you, I have never felt so rested but I am getting pretty fat. Gotta try to lose more weight!

Well that’s my COVID tale.

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