Denmark Musings 2010 Christmas

We had landed from Saudi and had to walk a long ways in the snow. I remember dragging my suitcase to an Air B and B. We got there and then proceeded to the main street of Copenhagen. I was overwhelmed with the Christmas sights. The Danes strode along the main street, their long blonde hair and their leggy legs, seemingly floating on air: they looked to me like the Elves of Lothlorian. I was mesmerized and gob smacked all in one. We had tickets to dinner and a jazz show in Copenhagen. The waiter said “you will have to sit at a family table, with other people.” We said “Sure”. Everything was the antithesis of Saudi Arabia. Then he says “Oh well, I hope you don’t mind, but with each course I will bring you a different wine from Tuscany.”

“Oh, I really don’t mind at all!” Hello Denmark!

The Jazz was great, the food was amazing. The Danish hot dogs and the trip to Pandora were both divine.

Then came the trouble: the snow storm of the century. Paris shut down, Amsterdam shut down, Frankfurt shut down: snow, snow snow ice ice ice, wind wind wind: nightmare.

I noticed the first night that our flight wasn’t going anywhere the next morning so we thought ” well let’s get a ticket to speak to the agent just in case”.

Dave was smart to get a ticket, number 158. Off we went for an 11 hour frolic in downtown Copenhagen. I think we went to a Danish Catholic Church, lunch, museums, everything. We came back to the Executive suite in the Hilton (KLM had given us an executive room plus tons of food vouchers PLUS entrance to the Danish Christmas buffet which was incredible). At 6pm I went on line and noticed our flight to Amsterdam-Cuba was cancelled…again! I said “Dave, what are we gonna do?” Dave and I rushed down to the KLM ticket office. We got there and in 2 minutes they called ticket #…158. Oh my God. The luck of it. Uncanny.

They managed to schedule us onto a flight Copenhagen-Paris-Havana. The flight tried to take off the next morning but had to turn around. Too icy. We tried again 5 hours later.

Success but then we had literally seconds to catch the Havana flight. I have never run so fast in all my life.My heart was almost exploding. Funny side thought was, throughout the entire journey Dave was “sat” beside very large people. In this next flight he was “sat” beside two very large American ladies. There was a very large man sitting beside Dave on the flight Copenhagen-Amsterdam and there is no way he made the Havana flight.

We literally sat down (Air France) and within 3 minutes the plane took off. At least that is how I remember it.

When we finally got to Havana, Livi and Niall were so glad to see us. Of course our luggage was two days late and I had not clothes at all to wear. It was our 2nd time staying at Mary’s Place. We had lots of Havana fun. The kids had eaten terrible, terrible meals waiting for us-we were two days late. Then we took them to “La Fresa y chocolate” and they loved it. The real name of the restaurant is “La Guarida”.

Then we went on to Cayo de Santa Maria to Ensenachos: a full on resort.

It was beautiful but the weather was terrible!

Then we said goodbye to the kids and took a flight back to Denmark. I had started a big fight with Kirsten the night before. Kirsten was egg in me on, saying “why was I paying for Niall’s cell phone?

She had just had us waste $2000.00  on a spot for her then boyfriend Shawn, to join us in Cuba.. But he never showed up. So yeah I was a bit touchy on topics about money.

I paid for Niall’s cell phone because we were in Saudi and I wanted a life line to him and if it was up to Niall, he’d never ever get a phone. So that’s what you do when you are a parent.

Anyway we said goodby tot he kids and it was mega awkward. Livi and Niall got on the bus to catch a plane from Cato de. Santa Maria to Havana and then to Vancouver.

Kirsten left later and it was all very awkward. I guess I shouldn’t have risen to the bait. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Good advice. One of these days I’ll take it.

We got to Copenhagen and Dave’s luggage did not arrive. There he was in Cuban clothing:sandals, shorts etc-no winter clothes. It was 20 below.

We had to take three trains in frickin freezing weather to get up to Olgod.

We made it. Suzanna had Danish flags flying.She had gathered together clothing for Dave, borrowing shoes, trousers, sweaters, from relatives. Suzanna is a living Saint. Then we had the most wonderful visits in Denmark and that is when Pele told me the story of his friend Nick. I will never ever forget that story.

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