Penny Coat, Penny Flight

Now when I look back at this little story, it doesn’t seem so interesting, but it was at the time.

I had gone into the Driftwood Mall and had been trying on some coats. I saw a very long maxi coat:it was black. It fit me perfectly.

“How much is it?”, I asked. The young gal said “Oh, it’s a penny.”.

“No, how much is it really?”

“It’s a penny. It’s a penny coat. We often have coats and dresses on sale for a penny.

I had never ever heard of this. Well, I walked off with a penny coat!

The next week it was New Years Day. January 1st, 2005 it was. I was planning our trip to Scotland but I thought I’d throw in another country. I was looking at flights all over the world and lo and behold, I came across a “penny” flight to Poland. The flight was with an airline called “Wizz Air”. The flight landed in a strange town called Katowice-never heard of it. Remember, we really knew nothing about overseas flying at this time.

We landed in Katowice and a shuttle bus took us to Krakow. A very nice Polish girl and her Philipino-American husband Bernie Morillo(still see him on the facebook!) took us to a student cafe where we had hot soup , bread and beer. They just chucked Niall a beer too: Żywiec was their “Lucky” beer.

They met us again later in the trip. They made sure we got to the Air b and b safely and I remember the Polish gal reading the driver the riot act in Polish “no funny business”- and demanding he take us right to the hotel. So that was hilarious! We had a fantastic trip, seeing a classical and jazz festival.We also went to Auschwitz, which was very sobering. Niall enjoyed it too although it was a very long day. I don’t even know how we got there. Then we returned to London, meeting Billy and going to Ronnie Scott’s.

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