Funny Jubail stories

When I first got to Jubail I was simply, horrified. Day One, after the insane bus ride up to Jubail from Damman, had us going to a faux Thai restaurant.A rat ran right across my path.

Holy sh**, where have we landed? The town, “Man town” was filthy. It was full of Indian and Pakistani men and lots of Saudis. I was the only woman for miles. The restaurant was atrocious.

Matthew,the Christian bus driver and overall helper at Jubail , would often go to buy my prescription drugs. Back then all I needed was Nexium and Iron pills. I had to take a lot of iron pills before menopause.In fact, my hemoglobin was so low, my Doctor wondered how I was able to stand.

I’d be teaching English and there would be a soft knock at the door:Matthew would hand me my drugs and off I go, back to English! Really, it was hilarious!

But it was impossible for women to get around anywhere in Jubail with a car and a driver-impossible.There was no taxi service to be had either. What a ridiculous place it was.

We DID have a lot of fun there once Dave had a car, our little Toyota RAV 4. We couldn’t go anywhere prior to that.

There was the Ya-Ya- bus though.If you missed it by one second, he was gone. He waited for no one.

Once he took off on a family so none of them could get to school. Mind you, they were frequently late but I can just imagine how hard it was to pack up three little kids and two teachers before 730am every morning-that was tough.

Well, more Jubail stories later!

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