It’s been a rough tough year teaching

Teaching back in Canada: no surprises but here’s what I noticed.

There are a lot of disengaged kids, particularly among grade 7s. They don’t want music class. I worry, thinking of teaching them next year. Let’s hope I can engage them. It is endemic across the District.

The little ones are fine, a few argumentative ones but fine.

There is one kid who swore at me profusely.That’s his issue. I’m saying nothing.

It is good money but not a lot of satisfaction.The room is teeny tiny. I can’t use most of my knowledge because I simply don’t have enough space to teach. So frustrating.

I feel quite disillusioned about it all:it’s great money. In fact I “double” what we make in pensions a month just by working three days per week.Dave makes a bit subbing so we do very well. But in reality, I could give it all up now. The kids here are very difficult to teach, there doesn’t seem to be any follow through.Who knows though, this new Principal (TC) might be good. I have heard good things!

The student who swore at me profusely, well he has been sent to LT, which is great. He will get a lot more support there.

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