Dave saved a girl swimming in Santorini

We were on a trip to the Caldera of Santorini. It involved taking a boat from Fira, over to the Caldera. You had to climb around the volcanic rock etc. I didn’t like it. But I did it anyway. Then eventually the boat picked us up and took us out to so called “hot springs” in the ocean (Agean Sea).Well Dave dove in first and swam to the “not so hot” hot springs. A family from Calgary also dove in. I was waiting, with life jacket on to see if I should do it. I’m not the bravest of people, or swimmers, as we know! Anyway, I saw Dave waving his hands and I figured that was my signal to dive in.But then I could see he had a young girl in the “swimmer’s” hold, like a life saving hold. Apparently the water was way too cold and this young girl became exhausted and couldn’t swim anymore.Dave heard the Mom fretting and he went to save her. Of course he did! When the young girl was brought safely back to the ship, she clambered up the rail like lightening, as did the Mom.The Granny was there and they were all in total distress.They didn’t even stop to say thank you to Dave, they were so upset. So that was the story. Dave saved the girl!

Me?It’s a damn good thing I did not jump in the water because Dave said there weren’t actually hot springs at all-they were “tepid” and there was nothing to write home about-not compared to like Hot Springs Cover.

I wonder what those peple think now?Do they talk about the time when a stranger rescued their daughter?

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